EMS WatchDog Opacity/Dust Monitor

The EMS WatchDog is a dual-beam opacity monitor with a user-friendly, LED-backlit microprocessor remote control. It is designed to provide accurate, reliable process information for a variety of applications.

The EMS WatchDog utilizes dual-beam measurement with an electronically-modulated light source that is immune to ambient light. This technique assures accurate, stable measurement of opacity. The light source is guaranteed for an industry-leading 70,000 hours.

The sensor and reflector are housed in NEMA 4-watertight enclosures and are designed to swing away from air plenum for easy installation and service. Adjustments in alignment are accomplished by utilizing our “Through the Lens” system, which includes a 3-point adjustment that is integral to the air plenum.

The EMS WatchDog uses field-proven, time-tested optics, and circuitry that is simple, yet accurate. Each monitor is of the highest quality and is pre-tested at the factory to your site specifications. The simple-to-follow instructions will have your monitor ready for operation within hours.

Since 1990, companies around the world have relied on EMS to monitor the number of visible emissions, smoke, dust, or opacity from their process. It is our hope that you will give us the opportunity to work with you on your next project. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the performance and worry-free operation of our monitors for years to come.

Contact us in Meriden, Connecticut, to learn all about the proven results our EMS WatchDog can deliver to you.