EMS WatchDog Opacity/Dust Monitor

The EMS WatchDog offers precisions and reliability in monitoring opacity or dust levels in industrial environments. This dual-beam Opacity/Dust Monitor ensures uparalleled accuracy and consitency in measurement.

Designed for seamless integration into industrial setups, the EMS WatchDog offers continuous monitoring with minimal maintenance requirements,empowering operators with real-time data to optimize proceses and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

Whether it’s monitoring smoke in exhaust gases from combustion processes or evaluating air filtration efficiency, the EMS WatchDog provides precise meaurements to maintain optimal performance and environmental standards.

With its robust construction and intelligent design, the EMS WatchDog represents reliability and precision, delivering peace of mind to industries reliant on accurate opacity or dust monitoring.

Since 1990, global companies have entrusted EMS with the crucial task of monitoring visible emissions from their processes. We are honored by this trust and invite you to join the ranks of satisfied clients who have experienced the reliability and effectiveness of our solutions. Let us partner with you on your next project. We are confident that our monitors will deliver worry-free operation and exceptional performance for years to come.

EMS WatchDog Opacity/Dust Monitor

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