Opacity Monitor Repair in Meriden, CT

EMS employs highly-skilled service engineers who perform both in-house and field service. Our service engineers have traveled throughout the world and consistently provide professional, courteous service on all EMS equipment as well as many other manufacturers’ equipment. EMS has set the industry standard for customer satisfaction, quick turnaround, and reasonable prices.

For added convenience, service can be scheduled to work around planned shut downs. Please contact our service department for more information or to schedule service.

In-House Service

  • Opacity Monitor Repair
  • System Overhaul
  • Factory Re-Certification
  • ND Filter Sales & Certification

Field Service

  • Quarterly & Yearly PS-1 Testing & Reporting
  • On-Site Repair
  • Opacity Monitor Startup Service
  • Opacity Monitor Field Certification
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Procedure 3 Required Off-Stack Zero

Factory/Field Service & Replacement Is Available for the Following

  • Durag Opacity Monitors
  • Preferred Opacity Monitors
  • Light Hawk Opacity Monitors
  • Phoenix Instruments Opacity Monitors
  • Teledyne Opacity Monitors
  • USI Opacity Monitors
  • Rosemount Opacity Monitors
  • Fireye Opacity Monitors
  • Land Opacity Monitors
  • Datatest Opacity Monitors
  • Dynatron Opacity Monitors
  • Others



EMS Product Overview

Data Sheets

EMS520 EPA Compliant Opacity and Dust Monitor Data Sheet
EMS510 EPA Compliant Opacity/Dust Monitor Data Sheet
EMS500 Dual Beam Opacity and Dust Monitor Data Sheet
EMS800 Opacity/Dust Monitor Data Sheet
EMS Off Stack Test Kit Data Sheet


EMS 500 Opacity Rev 2.1 Manual
EMS 500 Opacity/Dust Rev 2.7 Manual
EMS510 Volume 1 Opacity Mechanical Installation Rev 1.1
EMS510 Volume 2 Electrical Wiring Rev 1.4
EMS510 Volume 4 SSM Manual Rev 2.3
EMS510 Volume 3 Opacity Setup, Alignment, Maintenance Rev 1.3
EMS520 Volume 1 Mechanical Installation Rev 1.3
EMS520_Volume 2 Electrical Wiring Rev 1.5
EMS520 Volume 3 Setup, Alignment, Maintenance Off Stack Rev 1.5
EMS520 Volume 3 Setup, Alignment, Maintenance Off Stack Rev 1.7
EMS520 Volume 4 RCU Modbus Z-S Adjustments Rev 1.3
EMS520 Volume 5 Mg Setup Rev 1.3
EMS520 Volume 6 SSM Manual Rev 2.3 
EMS800 Volume 2.4 Standard System Description Manual
EMS800E Enhanced Manual Rev 1.9 

Trouble Shooting

Contact techsupport@emsct.com.  Please include your equipment serial number(s).

RMA Form

Customer RMA Form Rev 11 Fillable

Contact us in Meriden, Connecticut, when you are in need of any of our helpful services, including opacity monitor repairs.