EPA Compliant Opacity Monitors: EMS1304 SystemThe EMS1304 is a high performance Opacity Monitor which meets or exceeds EPA regulation 40 CFR 60 appendix B, PS-1 and ASTM D 6216. With standard features such as an operational distance of up to 30 feet as well as PS-1 required audit kit, the EMS1304 is an optimal choice to provide accurate, reliable process information for a variety of applications.

Operational path length of 2-50 feet.

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The EMS1304 utilizes dual beam measurement and the highest quality optics to assure accuracy and dependability. Our electronically modulated light source is immune to ambient light and carries a lifetime replacement warranty. The simple to follow instructions will have your monitor ready for operation in hours.

Service ModuleThe sensor and reflector are housed in NEMA 4 watertight enclosures and are designed to swing away from air plenum for easy installation and service. Adjustments in alignment are accomplished by utilizing our “Through the Lens” system which includes a 3 point adjustment that is integral to the air plenum.

Our controller features a large alphanumeric display as well as dual five inch tall bar graphs which display instantaneous and average opacity while a third bar graph is dedicated to window dust accumulation. The control unit performs all vital computations with resolution of 0.1% opacity and provides an output correlated to stack exit opacity. Outputs for recording or control are in a 4-20mA format with selectable ranges and averaging times. Display and outputs of alarms for opacity and fault diagnostics are also provided.

Since 1990, companies around the world have relied on EMS to monitor the amount of visible emissions, smoke, dust or opacity from their process. It is our hope that you will give us the opportunity to work with you on your next project.  We are confident that you will be satisfied with the performance and worry free operation of our monitors for years to come.

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