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How To Select The Correct Opacity Monitor For Your Application

Typical use of Environmental Monitor Service, inc. (EMS) Opacity Monitors:

  • Boilers found in schools, hospitals, large commercial and apartment buildings
  • Ideal for meeting Title V opacity (smoke) regulations
  • Sources that require on-line calibration capability
  • Process control
  • Electrostatic Precipitator Control
  • Diesel exhaust
  • CFR 40 part 60:
    • Subpart D- Standard of Performance for Fossil-Fuel Fired Steam Generators
    • Subpart Da – Standard of Performance for Electrical Utility Steam Generating Units
    • Subpart Db – Standard of Performance for Industrial-Commercial-Institutional Steam Generating Units.
    • Subpart E- Standard of Performance for Incinerators
    • Subpart F- Standard of Performance for Portland cement Plants
    • Subpart I- Standard of Performance for Hot Mix Asphalt Facilities
    • Subpart J- Standard of Performance for Petroleum Refineries, fluid catalytic cracking unit catalyst regenerators.

How to choose which EMS monitor I need?
You must know the purpose for the monitor. Do you need a monitor to meet a Federal EPA regulation like 40 CFR 60 PS-1 or Local DEP regulations? Non-compliant not mandated but for process control or maybe to notify you of boiler irregularities. EMS models range from non-compliant to compliant opacity system, Dust in mg/m3 with path lengths from few inches to over 40 feet.

Location, Location, Location!
Determining the location of your sensors is very important and should be high on the list of things to decide before you purchase. Opacity systems consist of two major parts, the sensor and the remote control unit. Determine if the sensor installation location will be indoors or outdoors, this will allow you to make the decision such as if weather covers are necessary, if plant air or air blower purge should be used to keep lenses clean. Air purge by plant air is less desirable than air blowers as blowers over the long run will provide better cleaning and lower cost than plant air. Don’t forget to include the approximate O.D. at the sensor location, this will help manufactures to supply the proper retro reflector and this dimension should be included in your specification.

Help in specifying Environmental Monitor Service, inc. (EMS) opacity systems:
We have typical purchasing specification that can be used to assure the customer receives systems that meet minimum design for opacity systems that will provide good data with the least amount of maintenance and many years of trouble free service. Contact the factory for purchase specifications.

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