40 cfr 60, PS-1 compliant Opacity Monitors in Meriden, CT

EMS has taken the approach to design our products with accuracy, reliability, and serviceability in mind. Our EPA-compliant monitors are built with the highest-quality optics available and are matched with an industry-leading warranty and support. Our EPA-compliant opacity monitors are guaranteed to exceed EPA 40 CFR 60 Performance Specification 1 for opacity monitors as well as ASTM D 6216.

EMS EPA-compliant opacity monitors are designed to be the optimal choice for a variety of applications. From power-generating facilities to paper mills and cement plants, customers worldwide have relied on our monitors for more than 20 years to accurately monitor their processes.

EMS422 System


  • 40 CFR 60 PS-1 & ASTM D 6216 Compliant
  • Meets PS-11 Requirements
  • RS485, Modbus Communication, Optional Ethernet & Wireless
  • Dual-Beam Measurement
  • Lifetime LED-Source Replacement Warranty
  • Intuitively-Designed 5.7” Color Touch-Screen User Interface
  • 5 Numeric 3 Trend Display Choices
  • Real-Time Diagnostics for Testing Outputs & Relays
  • Automatic or Manual On-Line Calibration
  • Standard SD Card for Data & Program Backup
  • Easy-to-Read Color-Coded Fault Screen
  • User Display Customization Available


EMS510 System


  • 40 CFR 60 PS-1 & ASTM D 6216 Compliant
  • Dual-Beam Measurement
  • Automatic & Manual On-Line Calibration
  • Measurement Output -5 to 99% Opacity
  • 3 User-Selectable Displays
  • Modulated LED-Light Source with 8-Year Warranty
  • Field-Proven Reliability with Low Maintenance
  • Communications via RS485 MODBUS
  • Immune to Ambient Light


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