Environmental Monitor Service, Inc. was founded by James F. Cognetta who possesses over 40 years in the opacity and dust monitor industry.  As a former Owner/Vice-president of Dynatron, Inc., he was with the company from its inception in 1972 until its sale in 1989. He and his partners pioneered many of the technology that is still used today in the opacity and dust monitor industry.

In 1990, Mr. Cognetta took his knowledge and expertise gained during these years to his new company, Environmental Monitor Service.  His vision was to provide his customers with the highest level of reliability, service and support.  Through his hard work and dedication, EMS has become synonymous with quality, dependable opacity and dust monitors as well as factory and field service which is second to none.

In 2010 Mr. Cognetta announced that the company would begin its transition to the second generation and handed many of his responsibilities over to his stepson Robert Zembruski.  James has remained instrumental in engineering and development of new products.  We look forward to continued growth and new product development in the near future.

Environmental Monitor Service, Inc. offers a complete line of opacity and dust monitor systems for air pollution control, including coal and oil fired boilers, cement kiln clinker, dual fired package boiler, crematoriums, ship board stacks, ESP control, Power Utility, Recovery boiler, and more.   Additional offerings include engineering support during installation, on-site certifications, service and support after the sale and preventive maintenance packages.  EMS has been in the air pollution control and energy industries for over 24 years.

Our goal is to provide problem solving and products for potential and existing customers. With our customers input, we select the correct monitor for the job from our wide line of instruments.  Our products are designed and manufactured at our facility in Meriden, CT utilizing local vendor support. We strive to use as many USA made goods as possible for faster response and support. This translates to the customers when fast turn-a-round or emergency delivery is required.