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Products and Services that EMS Offers:

*EPA 40 CFR 60, Appendix B, PS-1 Compliant Opacity Monitors
*Manufacturers of Opacity Monitors designed for applications such as:

  • Boilers
  • Power Plants
  • Process Control
  • Electrostatic Precipitator Control
  • Cement Plants
  • Paper Mills
  • Crematoriums
  • Duct Work
  • Kitchen Exhaust Fan Control
  • Diesel Exhaust

*PS-11 and mg/m3 Dust Monitors
*Personalized service for application specific model selection and comparison
*Neutral density filter sales and certification
*Procedure 3 compliant
*In-house and field service for all makes of Opacity and Dust Monitors
*Data Acquisition Systems
*Semi-annual and quarterly audit service contracts
*Design and customization of Opacity Systems (COMS)
*Off-stack testing (COMS)
*Opacity Monitor QAQC plans


Featured Product

EMS412 Dust

Dust Monitor: EMS611 System

  • Automatic or manual on-line calibration
  • Output “hold” while in calibration is ideal for process control
  • 5 User selectable displays
  • Sensor located smart service module with a digital display
  • Designed with ASTM D 6216 and PS-1 grade optics
  • Dual beam measurement
  • Modulated LED light source with 8 year warranty
  • Scaleable displays and outputs
  • Communications via 4-20 mA and RS485 MODBUS